These Hands: Seaside Event




Portland, ME


Seaside Healthcare

Hands of History: Celebrating Sarah’s Book and the Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

This poignant and elegant video captures the heart and soul of Seaside’s recent event, honoring the launch of Sarah’s extraordinary book. Featuring stunning black-and-white photographs of 36 residents’ hands, each image tells a unique and touching story of history, resilience, and community.



Witness the excitement of the book unveiling, the meaningful moments shared among attendees, and the heartfelt efforts to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. This video beautifully encapsulates the essence of our community, highlighting the connections that make us stronger together.

Dive into a visual journey that celebrates the enduring spirit of our residents and the powerful impact of coming together for a worthy cause.

Download & Share

Click the link below to access the client download center, where you can view the gallery and download all the photos and videos captured during the event. Share these moments with your community and cherish the stories behind every image.